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Social responsibility investment lends money to organizations that solve societal and/or environmental issues, with the express expectation of a verifiable social and financial return. As a result, it seeks to promote industrial prosperity while also accomplishing social benefits.


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Supporting SDG # 15 "Life on Land"

Empowering Communities and Promoting Trees
Plantation Through Sustainable Forestry Initiatives

Initiative # 1:
The 1 Billion Trees 
​Plantation Program

Planting a billion trees is a global initiative to combat climate change and to promote environmental sustainability. This program aims to address climate change through two levers:

​Carbon Sequestration:
Reforestation and afforestation involve planting trees, which are
​natural carbon sinks.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Climate change is primarily driven by the accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, such as CO2.

Biodiversity conservation: Addressing climate change involves preserving ecosystems and protecting biodiversity, which is crucial in maintaining ecological balance.

Initiative # 2:
Supporting Farm

Together, we shape a sustainable future, promoting environmental stewardship and leaving an indelible mark through our tree planting initiatives, aimed at fostering a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.

  • ​1 million trees planted in Africa.​
  • ​This project impacts over 300,000 stakeholders, including schools, farmers and educational centers.
Frontal view of a building with green trees in it's reflection and the sun above it

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Our Story

Early leaders in the blockchain industry formed Smart Green Invest. The particular requirements of multi-party cooperation were not designed into the existing computer platforms. The creators recognized that a multi-party system, an ambitious new computer platform, was required in order for the blockchain’s promise to be realized.

The goal of Smart Green Invest is to support businesses as they reimagine how their ecosystems interact, exchange information, and cooperate. Since enterprise blockchain’s beginnings, we have been its driving force.

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Connecting borrowers To lenders and investors to ESG Focused companies

By concentrating on ESG, the administration can reduce capital expenses while increasing the firm’s worth.

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Principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance


A graph illustrated as a color coded meter showing in credit ratings for ESG ranging from AAA for the highest qualty to D for in Default

ESG factors are essential in creditworthiness; they may and do influence credit quality, particularly borrowers’ capacity, and motivation to meet financial obligations. Even before the term ESG was coined more than a decade ago, they played a key role in creditworthiness and, as a result, in our credit ratings. Our ESG credit indicators provide additional openness and disclosure at the entity level, as well as our evaluation of the influence of environmental, social, and governance factors on our credit rating analysis. They are not standalone sustainability assessments or analyses of an entity’s ESG performance.


Proven Outcomes

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I am a Tunisian olive tree farmer. I recently received a free financial-ESG consultation from SmartGreenInvest. The consultant helped me to understand the financial implications of my ESG goals, develop a plan to reduce my environmental impact, identify ways to improve my social impact, and identify cost-saving opportunities.
SmartGreenInvest also provided me with a report containing my project's general information, financial data and situation, credit rate, ESG criteria, and a financial analysis by a financial analyst. This report was very helpful in understanding my current financial situation and identifying areas where I could improve.
As a result of the consultation, I drilled a water well and have a plan to make solar panels in order to reach sustainability. 
I would highly recommend SmartGreenInvest to anyone who is looking for help with their financial-ESG goals. They are a knowledgeable and experienced team who can provide you with the support you need to succeed..


Valuation and research specialists logo

We have been working with SmartGreenInvest on a sustainable Credit rating report project for the past few years, and we have been very impressed with their work and the developed AI Algorithms, which outperform the prediction of the work of a classical analyst. They are a knowledgeable and experienced team with a deep understanding of the financial markets. They have helped us to identify sustainable projects that are both profitable and beneficial to the environment.

We are particularly impressed with SmartGreenInvest's commitment to ESG investing, particularly with the definition of their Actionable indicators that every CEO should be aware of. They believe that businesses should be held accountable for their environmental and social impact, and they invest in companies working to make a positive difference. We are proud to partner with SmartGreenInvest and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

VRS International S.A. - VRS (Valuation & Research Specialists) | Athens, Luxembourg, Toronto

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We are a team of experts in AI, cloud computing, digital transformation, and IT project management. We built with SmartgreenInvest an AI credit score model specifically designed for sustainable businesses. We were excited about this project because we believe that businesses can play a major role in addressing climate change and other environmental challenges.

We also conducted extensive research on the factors that impact the creditworthiness of sustainable businesses. As a result of our work, we developed an AI credit score model that is highly accurate and reliable.

We are confident that our AI credit score model will be a valuable tool for companies. It will help them to make more informed lending decisions and to support sustainable businesses. We are proud to have partnered with SmartgreenInvest on this important project.

Trident-AI, Burges, Bulgaria

Investor Community

We are committed to Sustainable Finance

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Benefits of Our Solutions

A large number of carbon offset businesses have joined this global trend to fund environmental initiatives with the intention of offsetting carbon footprints.

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ESG Data
Our analysts cleanse the raw data provided by companies, turn them into valuable data and provide ESG insights on it.

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ESG Companies Screening
Positive screening includes companies that are actually operating in the market and are not fake, our analysts make sure of it.

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Standardized ESG Data
Using accessible standardized ESG analytics and standardized ESG data points to compare and benchmark the businesses.

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 Our Primary Services

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ESG Investing Solutions

Our investors invest in ESG focused companies who aim to protect financial assets from climate-related risks, assure the sustainability of their business models, and save ecosystems by lowering carbon emissions.

Mitigate Risks. Improve Returns.

  • ​We have a community of analysts who rate the companies,
  • We have a community of entrepreneurs who invest on the basis of equity.
  • ​We have a community of investors who invest in sustainable projects.
illustration of aii credit scores in form of meter with four indicators each with a different color ranging from poor, bad, normal and lastly good


AI Credit Scoring

AI uses a variety of data to make credit scoring choices, including total income, credit history, transaction analysis, work history, and even Web Analytics. AI-based credit scoring offers more customized, sensitive credit score evaluations.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • We Efficiently Manage Your Data on the Backend of our Web App By Our Analysts
  • We have our own credit scoring model designed by our data analysts. 
  • Our model incorporates all the checks and balances to help your company achieve all ESG goals.
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Financial Impact

Our investors invest in ESG focused companies who aim to protect financial assets from climate-related risks, assure the sustainability of their business models, and save ecosystems by lowering carbon emissions.

We are offering:

  • Collecting and analyzing financial data in order to complete financial reports in addition to ESG and AI results.
  • Identifying trends, making recommendations, and providing financial advice.
  • Monitoring financial performance, forecasting future financial results, and managing risk.

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CO2 emissions, are brought on by the fossil fuel burning and the production of concrete.  Numerous health impacts from CO2 exposure might be experienced.

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