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As a company we are deeply committed to ESG values, we wholeheartedly stand in alignment with UN Action 13 by focusing on climate action, urging nations to combat climate change and its impacts through integrated policies and measures.

Through our ambitious COP 28 initiative, we are dedicated to supporting the planting of 1 million trees. Subscribers are not just supporters but integral players, as a portion of each fee directly contributes to tree planting initiatives through our valued Farmer Partners. We invite you to join us, transforming your subscription into a meaningful step in our collective journey towards a sustainable and greener Earth. Together, let's leave a lasting impact.

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  • 1-hour consultation
  • ​A sustainable KID Report
  • ​Financial analysis
  • ​Basic ESG indicators
  • ​Business plan review
  • ​As part of our sustainability initiative, we'll give back to nature earth by supporting 5 tree plantings to offset 3.5 metric tons of CO2.


  • A single report once a year.
  • ​​1-hour consultation.
  • ​A sustainable KID Report Containing.
  • ​Credit Rate using AI models.
  • ​Basic ESG indicators.
  • ​Private Profile.
  • Support is based only on the best effort.
  • ​A plan to drive companies to reach their sustainability goals.
  • As part of our sustainability initiative, we'll give back to nature earth by supporting 10 tree plantings.


  • AI credit risk based on annual reports, historical data, and macroeconomic data.
  • ​​Financial analysis by a subject matter expert (second human-driven opinion).
  • ​Providing insights and recommendations for company financial improvement.
  • ​Basic ESG actionable indicators.​
  • ​Providing insights and recommendations for company financial improvement.
  • ​Sustainable analysis made by a subject matter expert.
  • Member of the entrepreneur-sustainable community.
  • ​Access to support service via email, reply within 3 business Days. 


  • AI credit risk based on annual reports, historical data, and macroeconomic data.
  • ​​A dedicated account manager.
  • ​Bespoke financial analysis.
  • ​Monitor financial metrics.
  • ​A dedicated sustainability advisor for ESG analysis.
  • ​​SGI Green Label (marketing).
  • Access other companies’ KID.
  • ​Member of the entrepreneur-sustainable community​.
  • ​​Publish new green projects and updates in SGI channels.
  • ​​5/7 Customer Support via phone during business hours.
  • In monthly plan's customer journey, we'll give back to nature earth by supporting 50 tree plantings.
  • In Yearly plan's customer journey, we'll give back to nature earth by ​supporting 1000 tree plantings.


  • ​​1-hour consultation.
  • ​A sustainable KID Report Containing.
  • ​Financial analysis.
  • ​Basic ESG indicators.
  • ​Business plan review​.
  • As part of our sustainability initiative, we'll give back to nature earth by supporting 10 tree plantings.


Proven Outcomes


I am a Tunisian olive tree farmer. I recently received a free financial-ESG consultation from SmartGreenInvest. The consultant helped me to understand the financial implications of my ESG goals, develop a plan to reduce my environmental impact, identify ways to improve my social impact, and identify cost-saving opportunities.
SmartGreenInvest also provided me with a report containing my project's general information, financial data and situation, credit rate, ESG criteria, and a financial analysis by a financial analyst. This report was very helpful in understanding my current financial situation and identifying areas where I could improve.
As a result of the consultation, I drilled a water well and have a plan to make solar panels in order to reach sustainability. I am confident that these initiatives will help me to improve my financial situation and reduce my environmental impact.
I would highly recommend SmartGreenInvest to anyone who is looking for help with their financial-ESG goals. They are a knowledgeable and experienced team who can provide you with the support you need to succeed..



We have been working with SmartGreenInvest on a sustainable Credit rating report project for the past few years, and we have been very impressed with their work and the developed AI Algorithms, which outperform the prediction of the work of a classical analyst. They are a knowledgeable and experienced team with a deep understanding of the financial markets. They have helped us to identify sustainable projects that are both profitable and beneficial to the environment.

We are particularly impressed with SmartGreenInvest's commitment to ESG investing, particularly with the definition of their Actionable indicators that every CEO should be aware of. They believe that businesses should be held accountable for their environmental and social impact, and they invest in companies working to make a positive difference. We are proud to partner with SmartGreenInvest and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

VRS International S.A. - VRS (Valuation & Research Specialists) | Athens, Luxembourg, Toronto


We are a team of experts in AI, cloud computing, digital transformation, and IT project management. We built with SmartgreenInvest an AI credit score model specifically designed for sustainable businesses. We were excited about this project because we believe that businesses can play a major role in addressing climate change and other environmental challenges.

We also conducted extensive research on the factors that impact the creditworthiness of sustainable businesses. As a result of our work, we developed an AI credit score model that is highly accurate and reliable.

We are confident that our AI credit score model will be a valuable tool for companies. It will help them to make more informed lending decisions and to support sustainable businesses. We are proud to have partnered with SmartgreenInvest on this important project.

TRIDENT-AI, Burgas, Bulgaria


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